5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Build Brand Awareness

Have you ever considered how people become aware of your business?


Have you ever tried a strategy to tell people about your business, but it didn't work?

Here are my 5 Top Tactics you should consider when building you brand awareness.

#1 - Social Media Presence

Having an active social media presence where you are continuously posting builds awareness. Consistent high quality and relevant content for your audience will better your odds to appear in search engines. This will ultimately give you and your business more likes and shares!

#2 - Social Media Optimization

When you want to optimize a post for awareness you need to use many different avenues to increase the reach. Using hashtags, getting more people to like or comment on your post, as well as sharing other relevant third-party content.

#3 - Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing consists of using platforms to buy visits to your business. For example, using Facebook Ads will drive more people to your social media account and your website and will generate business.

#4 - Native Advertising

This type of advertising matches the same look, feel, and function of where the ad is being placed. These ads can appear within social media feeds or as a recommend option on different websites.

#5 - Business Listings

One of the best ways to get your business recognized and visible is having a listing. This will legitimize your business and bring your business into the competitive local search. For example, if a customer is using Google Maps to search for a business, the search will help companies appear where the customer is searching and validate the business as part of the community.

Building brand awareness doesn't have to be difficult, just consistent to the right audience! If you have struggled with your brand awareness, try these 5 tactics and examine your results.

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