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7 Foolish Facebook™ Ad Mistakes that are Killing Your Investment

If you have started using Facebook™ ads, or planning to use ads for your business starting in 2021, take the time to read this post. It will be worth your time!!

But listen, I want to be ABSOLUTELY up front with you...

I’m not going to show you TACTICS or SECRET STRATEGIES to perfect Facebook™ Ads.

Numerous masters and self-acclaimed Facebook™ ad experts are already trying to teach you the tactics, but has it helped?? People always say they have some NEW PLAN that will simply change the “ads game” for you.

We all want those SECRETS right? The quick and easy way to make your business millions in a day!

We’ve all seen it, those gimmicks that feel too good to be true....well they are!! Facebook™ Ads are not an overnight success, they are made for the LONG GAME!

I’m going to be 100% transparent here!

Facebook™ ads require work to give you the best ROI! But the work is not as hard as some people think it is. There are ways to do your ads that are so much simpler than you can imagine and will work for your business!

Going from one tactic to another with no clear view of what your ideal clients want and what ads are most beneficial for you. You will never stop learning a “tactic” instead of learning what works for the long haul. The algorithm that Facebook™ created changes all the time, but the basic foundation ad principles stay the same.

For many years these rules have been successful for television ads, snail mail and now social media. The delivery system can change, but the basic principles don’t.

Whatever the new trend is Facebook™ ads work!

Here are the rules:

1. Plan Ahead Determine beneficial key performance indicators and design a number of versions that you trust will work for your main 3 key elements (Ideal Client, Purpose, and Creativity).

2.Always be testing!!

The only way to truly know whether your ad is performing at peak efficiency, is by testing multiple iterations of the same ad. Also known as split testing, this method of analysis can be tedious at times, especially if you are unfamiliar with Facebook™ Ads.

3. Utilize your data Using a few days worth of data that you can download from the Business Manager platform, you can get rid of the ads that are dragging down your insights and recreate the best ones to give you more variety.

4. SCALE Now you are in the big leagues! When you have your funnels and ads in place, you can start scaling your ads to increase your profit. By putting more money into what you know has worked so far you are helping to guarantee a better investment every time!

Now I’m going to show you foolish mistakes to avoid!!

After working for major companies like Facebook™, YEP that’s right, I worked for them, I learned at least 7...

#1 Mistake: DO YOUR RESEARCH You have to know your clients! You can’t sell a product or service to someone who doesn’t need it. But that also means you have to make sure you are showing your ads in the right place too!

Don’t neglect this step, it can hinder the results from your campaigns.

When creating an ad, answer these questions as detailed as possible:

  1. Who are your ideal clients?

  2. What are they looking for?

  3. What are their needs and wants?

  4. How is your biggest competition grabbing their client’s attention??

Again do your research and plan ahead by answering these simple questions!

#2 Mistake: Low sales conversion process Confused? You shouldn’t be, it’s real simple if the process does not send traffic to your funnel, your ads are useless! Facebook™ ads are just the beginning of the road, you have to make sure the rest is paved smoothly to get your ideal clients where you want them to be-buying your product or service!!

#3 Mistake: Having no strategy Majority of the time, people will head on over into ads manager and while crossing fingers, create their ads, hoping that they convert successfully and then done.

Well, hope is a feeling, not a true strategy for business! You have to have a system. Setting your Key Performance Metrics (KPI’s), deciding how much you WANT to pay for clicks and sales, researching how many clicks and sales you have to hit everyday, plus, how much you HAVE to spend to accomplish that. How do you know if you are reaching your goal if you haven’t set those goals yet?

#4 Mistake: Always be testing (it’s important enough to REPEAT) Once again, determine the elements that need to go into your ads before you start to save yourself time and money.

  1. Client

  2. Message

  3. Creativity

You can create an ad that speaks to YOU but if it doesn’t speak to your clients, then who are you trying to reach? And one ad will be more successful than another, so why not put your best foot forward, before going 100 steps?

#5 Mistake: Being impatient This will not happen overnight! You can be very close to success and it still can take time to reach that goal. Nothing works 100% on the first go around, so you have to be patient and determine what works to help your business grow!

Don’t throw the towel in to early and miss out on fixing your ads and growing. A good rule of thumb is to launch your campaign and give it 3-5 days, download your insights spreadsheet and analyze it. Figure out what is working for you and go from there!

#6 Mistake: Not targeting correctly! Targeting and Retargeting your ads correctly will give you the best return on your ads!! Attracting to your warm audiences and new audiences will give you a better chance of being front and center! People will see you every time they spend time on Facebook™. You are spending the money, make sure you are spending it wisely!

#7 Mistake: Managing your ads based on feelings instead of statistics. When you spend money on ads, it’s tempting to watch your results 24/7. Watching the numbers go up and down like waves can take its toll on your confidence in the process.

Here’s the thing, DO NOT INVEST EVERYTHING ON FACEBOOK ADS. Spending the only $100 you have can cause undue panic, where spending $5 or $10 and learning to grow from there can be calmer and give you more confidence to succeed. Make decisions based on facts and not the feelings you have from investing.




Investing in Facebook™ ads is as important as any investment you will ever make. You risk something every time and you need to be okay with the budget first!

Facebooks™ ads are not going to be an overnight success. There is a process and a plan to every step and guess what, YOU CAN DO THIS! You are absolutely capable of taking each step and implementing it, and don’t forget, asking for help can be just as great of an investment as doing the ads themselves.!

I want to provide value to you especially when i comes to Facebook™ ads.

Tell me in the comments below, what you learned today!

Did you learn something new?

Ask me anything!! Let’s Do this!!

Bridget Brooks

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