Don't Make this 1 BIG Mistake with Facebook Ads

Business owners unknowingly waste money on low quality, expensive leads.

These leads all have one MAJOR THING in common that determine the success or FAILURE of their Facebook Ads…

This 1 thing determined whether business owners were...

getting high-quality leads


attracting all the wrong people who will never buy from them.

This 1 thing determined whether business owners would...

sign up new clients, at price points from $500-$15,000


only attracting people with no money and no motivation to buy.

This 1 thing was the difference between business owners...

making $3-10 back for every dollar they spent on Facebook Ads


going broke and having to close their business.

This one thing was…..


How can you tell if you have targeting problems? Here are 3 things to look at.

  1. Is your email list full of people who don’t buy from you?

  2. Are your sales pages for your low-ticket offers producing sales that bring you profit?

  3. Are your webinars producing calls with the right people?

Did you know…

WHO you CHOOSE to target your ads to is the #1 most common mistake people make with their ads.

Here is why…

  • They don’t know how to target people who want to buy what they are selling…

  • They don’t know all the possible targeting options available inside the Ads Manager and which ones are best for their audience…

  • They don’t know how to layer targeting in a way that reaches their exact, ideal client/customer...

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of your ads – and how profitable they will be – is limited by the knowledge and expertise you have in those 3 areas.

You see most people think of Targeting as one-dimensional.

They think the choices in the targeting area of the Ads Manager is the only piece to targeting.

They work if you’re interested in cheap clicks.

They work if you’re interested in likes & views.

They don’t work if you’re interested in actually growing and sustaining a profitable business.

Likes… and video views… and cheap clicks…  don’t pay the bills my friend!

You need…

Five-star leads, who…

  • Have the problem you can solve and,

  • Are motivated to fix that problem and,

  • Are willing to invest to fix the problem…

This is an absolute NECESSITY if you want to make a return on your  advertising investment!

If you’re reading this and realizing you’re targeting is all wrong… don’t beat yourself up. All hope is not lost.

This is where we can help you and your business!!

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