Facebook Ads 101: Common Errors

In our current generation when business owners think of how to advertise their business, they immediately think of Facebook.

The majority of the population is on it and you can reach people in your community and all over the world!

As cool and awesome as this is, this can leave businesses reaching the wrong people in the wrong way.  This ultimately hurts businesses and wastes tons of money with each advertisement.

What most people forget before doing a Facebook ad, is researching the most common mistakes that make ads less effective on Facebook. 

Look no further! 

Here are the top 10 Errors to look over before doing a Facebook ad:

  1. Not installing Pixel or setting it up incorrectly

  2. Not testing enough

  3. Poor audience targeting

  4. Using the wrong campaign

  5. Poor or unclear messaging

  6. Boosting Posts

  7. Having No strategy

  8. Poor Landing Page experience

  9. Poor quality creative or incorrect

  10. Not retargeting 

If you have recently done your own Facebook Ads and it wasn’t successful as much as you thought it would have been, could any of these common errors been the cause? 

Let’s face it, doing and Ad campaign with no prior experience of

“How to Advertise” is HARD!!

Even with the amount of information on how to do it correctly, this can take precious hours of your time that could be used towards your own business.

Having an ad specialist working with you, whether they are doing it for you or professionally teaching you how to do it, is VALUABLE! 

This is what Valton Co. does for you and your business!!  We are here to teach you to Do’s and Don’ts and the How to simplified for you to understand. 

Our only success is seeing your business having success!

We are obsessed with your success!!

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