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Facebook Ads Split Testing

The only way to truly know whether your ad is performing at peak efficiency is by testing multiple iterations of the same ad. Also known as split testing, this method of analysis can be tedious at times, especially if you’re unfamiliar with Facebook Ads.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

What is Split Testing?

A split test (also known as an A/B test) is a marketing strategy where two elements of a marketing campaign are tested against each other to analyze which one will deliver the best results.

Split testing can be applied to nearly everything you can think of emails, landing pages, blog post titles, and of course, Facebook Ads.  A good split test can result in drastic ROI improvements, even as high as 10x!

Everything can be tested, and even the smaller elements can drastically improve your marketing performance. Here are some examples of the most common split tests:

  • Colors of key elements like the Call To Action button

  • Images or video

  • Call to Actions (Sign Up vs Count me in!)

  • Element Position (Signup form on the left or right side of the page)

  • Audience Targeting (Gender, age, location)

Testing also helps you as a business owner better understand who your customers are and what they need the most. 

Isn’t that what we most desire as a business owner!

Have you ever tested any ads before?  What were your results?  Where they what you thought they would be? After working in the advertising industry for over 15 years and working for digital giants like Facebook and Groupon I have taken all my knowledge and put it into a course for you! 

Don't wait! sign up for Be Your Own Ads Boss Today 

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