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Facebook Insider Tips - Learn to Train Your Algorithm

Let’s talk Facebook Algorithm.  Not everyone’s favorite subject, I know, but I LOVE talking about it! 

Many businesses get intimidated trying to understand what the Facebook algorithm is, how it functions and ultimately how it affects your business page.  

We are here to make it as EASY as possible for you to understand and implement right away. 

Most people think your Facebook business page has to work around the algorithm. 

However….  Did you know you can make the algorithm work for you! 

Yes, that’s right.  I’m going to give you 3 easy steps you can implement today to start training the algorithm to work for you! 

Are you ready?  Because here we go! 

Number 1 - How often should you post?

Most people assume the more you post, the more their business will be seen.  This assumption does make sense when you think about it, but not for the Facebook algorithm.  

Once you post your 1st post for the day, your next post needs to be at least 6 to 9 hours after that post.  When you post your 2nd post, your 1st post decreases in visibility.  Which means fewer people are actually seeing your posts.  

Ultimately, the less you post, the greater the chance people will see your posts.      

Number 2 – Avoid Fishing for Engagement

If you have recently added these phrases to your post: “tag a friend”, “share the video”, “comment below”, and “like this post”…

You may have experienced your Ad being shut down.  And if you haven’t yet, you got lucky! Since the algorithm knows to look for these phrases, it is a good idea to start changing the language to make it sound more engaging to your audience.  Which is what you want to do anyways, right?   

Instead, use phrases like: “share the love”, “smash the like button”, “let me know your thoughts”.

Although the Facebook algorithm is run by a giant computer, it still knows what to look for when it comes to key phrases.  

Which leads me into my 3rd insider tip!  

Number 3 – Crete Authentic Conversation & Ask the Right Questions

Believe it or not, Facebook’s algorithm looks for authentic engaging conversation between its users.  Facebook has built its platform so people can genuinely connect together across communities and the world.  When people, or businesses, are not representing that, the algorithm will flag it.  

Use “Would”, “Should”, “Which”, or “Who” to ask authentic questions that will get your audience talking about your topic you post.  Try not to ask questions your audience will give you a one-word answers to.  You want people to start talking to each other within the comments.  This is key to creating authentic conversation within your Facebook Ad and posts.


Still have questions and find it to be confusing?

Check out my online courses that go in-depth and is a step by step training to walk you through how to become Your Own Ads Boss!

Yours Truly,

Bridget Brooks

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