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Facebook™ Video Ads Matter

Did you know Facebook users LOVE watching videos?

I know I do!

Video ads have always been around, but people are now just realizing the IMPACT they have with advertising. However, I also know not everyone is comfortable doing them.

I’m going to give you 3 reasons why you should highly consider doing them for your business.

Here we go!

Number 1: Facebook™ Users LOVE Video

Let’s face it, everyone loves watching videos whether it’s a live stream or a post on Facebook™. People love watching other people! You can use this to your advantage with your advertising.

Did you know more people watch videos on Facebook then on YouTube.

Using Facebook™ video ads will help you connect with your audience authentically. People love seeing the dreamers behind the business making it happen. Having a video also can demonstrate your product or brand with how it works. Videos will give users the ability to LOVE your brand.

Number 2: Video Ads Boost Engagement

It has been said that more people would buy a product after watching an ad than reading about it from a website. With a video ad you can express your drive, passion, and personality to your audience that will get them engaged and keep them engaged.

How many times have you watched a commercial while watching something on tv and you immediately wanted to buy it?

This is the same concept behind doing video ads for your business. People will connect with you and your business which will lead to a purchase.

Number 3: Video Ads Drive More Conversions

Do you remember the days before digital marketing where the best way to grow your business was by “word of mouth”?

When people share your videos, your business is being talked about by “word of mouth”. But you are the one on the video! Who better to be sharing about your business than you!

This is one of the most authentic and effective ways to promote your business on Facebook™. We all know Facebook™ looks for authenticity and meaningful connections with people and advertising.

If you have yet to post a video, I encourage you to make a video! Engage with your audience as if they were in the room with you!

Get people talking about your brand.

As always, our team here at Valton Co. are here to help!

Check out our online courses where you can learn the Do's and Don'ts of digital marketing.

Learn to Be Your Own Ads Boss!


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