Google Suspends Local Reviews Feature

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

As always, we are here to inform you with any updates that might affect your business!

If you haven't heard already, Google has temporarily suspended customers/clients from posting reviews and businesses cannot accept or comment on the reviews.

While we know reviews for our local businesses are extremely important, you may want to wait until Google decides to reactivate this feature to have

customers/clients take time to create a post, to then receive an unavailable message.

Here is a tip: Ask your customer/clients in advance if they would be willing to write a review in a few weeks when Google reactivates this feature. Keep a running list of those individuals to contact them at a later date.

If you feel stuck or unsure about what to do during this time with your Social Media Exposure to still gain business, give us a call!

Valton Co.

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