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Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Warm audiences work!

They are people who have been to your website before. They know your brand. They may be repeat visitors. They may have previously purchased from you.

Did you know you can create website custom audiences based on all visitors, most time on your website, or specific events they’ve performed on your site?

Without consistent incoming website traffic, you’re going to rely almost entirely on targeting cold traffic. Convincing a skeptical buyer to purchase from you is a much tougher challenge.

If you only run ads to a product page, you can still create a retargeting audience. You may not have seen as much success as you would like and it is such a small group of people you may even abandon it quickly.

It’s easy to obsess over short-term results. We want immediate validation that what we are doing is working. But don’t neglect the long game.

The long game understands that your audience is broken up into multiple groups:

  • Those who are ready to buy right now

  • Those who may be willing to buy eventually

  • Those who will never buy from you

Most advertisers completely neglect the second group. When an ad doesn’t result in a sale, it’s seen as a failure. But consider that ad as a building block. You may have given a group of people reason to consider a purchase from you in the future.

A strategy focused entirely on the immediate sale isn’t concerned about long-term customers. It isn’t about finding the best fit and who will be a loyal advocate. It isn’t about avoiding refunds.

Long-term focus cares about loyal advocates.

When you play the long game, you understand the buying cycle. You understand that someone who doesn’t buy from you immediately, still adds potential value to your business. They may buy from you one day or they may join your email list. They may share your content with someone else who might buy now!

Want to know more about what type of retargeting is right for you?

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