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What is Facebook PIXEL?

Did you know that Facebook has a built-in tracking system to help you and your business track your ads, people who visit your website, people who read your blogs, purchase something, and so much more…

And it’s called Facebook PIXEL!

Setting up Facebook Pixel is one of, if not the most important thing you need to do when setting up your Ads account. 

Why you ask?

Because Pixel tracks everything about your business ads and your audience!

 Here are a few ways you can set up Facebook PIXEL for your Ads account.

  1. Add the Pixel code to the “Head Tag” or “Header” section of all pages of your website

    1. Home page

    2. Sales page

    3. Blogs

    4. Landing page

***These are just a few examples.


If you are using a software service, which most people do these days, the process can be easier than you think.

Facebook Pixel also gives you a Pixel ID.  This ID number can be placed within your software service and will be automatically placed within all your website pages.  

And if all else fails, most software companies can help direct you on where to place the Pixel Code or the Pixel ID if you call their customer service. 

If this is not set up correctly, your business could be receiving incorrect data that will ultimately hurt your business. 

Setting up Facebook Pixel is the keystone to track all your business data. 

Without data, you could be targeting the wrong market of people. 

Having the right target audience will help grow your business!

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