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When is it time to change your Facebook marketing strategy?

When is it time to change your Facebook marketing strategy?

There is no denying that Facebook Ads Manager has made it incredibly convenient for

entrepreneurs to market their businesses.

You can even promote your products and services while in bed––in your PJs! With just a few clicks here and there, you can easily organize and optimize your online advertising efforts.

In an ideal world, this convenience should translate to easy profits. Sadly, that’s hardly the case since, at the end of the day, it will all boil down to how well you use that convenience to your advantage. Of course, the quickest and most obvious way to tell if you’re not using effective Facebook marketing strategies is if you’re not generating sales. However, if you want to improve your business’s overall performance, then you shouldn’t settle for this “metric” alone. You have to dig deeper into the various factors that impact your business’s growth. That way, you can identify the specific holes that need fixing, and determine if an overhaul is necessary.

With that said, here are 3 ways to recognize if you need to change your Facebook marketing


1. Your Ad Campaigns Always Flop

A lot of business owners, especially those who run startups, think that effort in making ad

campaigns is enough to get the conversions that they want––this mindset has to stop.

You have to always check if your ads are getting enough audience engagement. Whether it’s clicks, likes, reactions, comments, or messages, these analytics don’t just tell you if your ad campaign is effective or not, but they also tell you if there is a clear disconnect between your brand and your ads. Knowing that your brand is the most important aspect of your business, it is imperative to maximize it as much as possible and it starts with your ad campaigns!

2. You’re Getting Little to No Traffic

If your ads are getting decent engagements but still can’t seem to drive traffic down your sales funnel or to your website, then it may be time to revisit your ad targeting strategy.

Facebook Ads Manager’s targeting feature enables you to position your ads so that they are visible to the right audience. Be sure to pay close attention to the essential targeting factors like demographics, age, and interests as these will help you direct your ad campaigns to people who are most likely to engage with your brand.Ad targeting will not only maximize your time, but it will also help you be more efficient with your

campaign budget!

3. Your Ads Keep Getting Rejected


It doesn’t matter if your brand is authentic and engaging––if your ad campaigns are getting rejected more times than you can count, then there’s a need to reevaluate your content. A rejected ad usually violates Facebook’s strict community standards.

There’s no need to be so hard on yourself in this situation as chances are you’re unaware of your ad’s violations. And even if you try to understand these violations, you have to consider that Facebook’s ad's platform changes twice daily.

Yes, its true

In addressing this issue, keep in mind that you have to be efficient with your time and effort.

Unless you can afford to devote significant time to study the long list of rules and guidelines, a practical solution would be to ask help from an expert who’s well acquainted with them.

In a Nutshell, Facebook marketing is more about efficiency than hard work!

By having practical and optimal strategies, there’s no telling how far your business will go!

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