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Former Facebook™ Employee

I am Bridget Brooks

and I am absolutely passionate about helping

small businesses make the most of every penny

spent on Facebook™ Ads.  

After working for digital giants like

Facebook™ & Groupon™, my 15 years worth of experience

has lead me to help YOU become an informed business who has a clear strategy and game plan for new leads. 


Digital marketing can be hard, but it doesn't have to be!


My exclusive training reveals: 

  • My #1 Secret Ad Strategy That Almost No One Knows About...that has the ability to run profitable ads faster than you have ever experienced before!

  • The exact paid traffic strategy that I taught to BILLION dollar companies to run wildly successful ad campaigns!

  • How to make your competition irrelevant and get your DREAM customers BEGGING to buy from you so never have to worry about making sales ever again, (even in a down economy) 

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What We Do







Is a full-service digital marketing agency that makes sure: 

  • You are easily found online

  • Creates and manages ad campaigns

I know first hand the frustrations of building a profitable Facebook™ ad campaign.  This is why I created...

The simple $5 Ad Strategy that attracts your dream customers & creates wildly profitable paid ads in just a few days. 

(Without wasting thousands of dollars running & testing failed ad campaigns, feeling overwhelmed by constant Facebook™ algorithm changes or any of that complicated Techy stuff)

This is a "Secret" strategy I learned while working at Facebook™ that "They" don't want you to know about & the other 99% of ad agencies don't even know exists YET...


Meet The Team

Stacey Chea

Executive Assistant

Hey there! Stacey here! 

I come to the team with 13 years of managing, team building, & assisting leaders within businesses & nonprofit organizations.  

I love being strategic

& being behind the scenes

helping Valton Co flourish and to

help your business grow! 

Amanda Mignogna

Director of Copyright

My name is Amanda Mignogna, like filet mignon.

I am thrilled to be the copy writer for Valton Co.

I have over 15 years experience helping people articulate their projects,

from programs to marketing material.


I love being able to put the words out in the world that make people want to stop and pay attention.

When I’m not working, my little two year old has me dancing to YouTube videos and knitting.

Meredith Albert

Graphic Designer

I'm MJ, a graphic designer living in Arizona.


I am thankful to work with Valton Co and my goal is to make you look awesome!

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Hear From Our Clients


— Bryan

Best in the business. Super professional and knowledgeable. Most importantly for me is that she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommend her to all my friends in the business. 5 star

Owen Soba

Funnel Expert & Technology Strategist

Amanda MacNeven

Business Operations Director

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